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Sunset Plan

Realize your potential

Build a more valuable business today.

VPro is designed to quickly determine the value of your business. The technology will also grade your business and illustrate hidden opportunities to increase the value of your enterprise.

How it Works

Limited inputs, powerful output

Unlock hidden value with 26 KPIs.


Why Vpro?

Transformational business insights

DCF Report.png

Fair Valuation

VPro is built specifically to value financial advisory businesses.

By using a discounted cash flow (DCF) methodology, VPro provides you with an accurate valuation that is based on a detailed fundamental analysis. 

Business Insights

Every advisory business should conduct an assessment periodically. VPro will help you to take inventory of your strengths and weaknesses in order to effectively plan for future growth.

  • Current business valuation

  • Key Performance Indicators

  • Financial ratio analysis

  • Business report card

  • Growth projection

  • In-depth due diligence profile

KPI Report.png

Unlock Value

KPIs can provide actionable insights that are crucial for enhancing business valuation. By tracking and optimizing KPIs, a company can demonstrate improved operational efficiency, financial performance, and growth potential, leading to a higher valuation. Here are some ways to unlock hidden value using KPIs:

  • Benchmarking

  • Continuous monitoring & improvement

  • Employee engagement & alignment

  • Leveraging technology

  • Short-term improvements unlock long-term value

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