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Sunset Plan

When it comes to succession planning, timing is critical. Leaving it until the edge of retirement might not only diminish the financial returns of your exit but could also jeopardize an effective transition of your business. That's where Sunset Plan technology by VPro comes in. This innovative tool encourages early planning, helping to optimize financial outcomes and facilitating seamless transitions. 

Succession Planning: Start Today, Not Tomorrow

Succession planning is often misconceived as a task for the twilight of your career. But if you leave it until the last minute, you may significantly undervalue the worth of your business, a regrettable outcome that thoughtful foresight and advanced planning could prevent.


More Than Just Appointing a Successor

Recognize that succession isn't merely about handing over the reins to a new leader. It's a comprehensive process that lays out how your business — and the invaluable client relationships you've cultivated over decades — will transition smoothly when it's time for you to step aside. 


Smooth Transitions: The Importance of Timing

True, it's possible to execute a transition in a rapid 6 to 12-month timeframe. However, experience shows that selling a few years ahead of your complete departure from the business can make the process far more fulfilling.


The Best Time to Plan is Now

The perfect time to start your succession plan? Right this moment. Embrace the philosophy of "begin with the end in mind." Believe us when we say there's no such thing as starting your succession planning too early.

Sunset Plan



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